Over the past several years, I’ve written a number of blogs that dazzled the hearts and minds of countless humans. They made you laugh, made you cry, and most importantly … made you think. I spent countless hours constructing those blogs, many of which evolved into the chapters that now make up my three books.

However, all those literary masterpieces are gone. You see, the company that hosted my old blog (GoDaddy) decided to do away with their blog service, due to the success of free blog services like WordPress, Blogger and Blogspot. I didn’t mind paying the $50 per year fee to host my very elaborate blog, because I didn’t feel compelled to spend hours trying to transfer all the content to a new, free blog provider like WordPress. Anyhow, I didn’t notice the notification from GoDaddy about the elimination of their blog service until the day after they said was the deadline to transfer all old material to their new blog partner, WordPress.

Therefore, all those amazing blogs are lost forevermore. If you feel compelled to weep, just let it go. Cry until the pain subsides. 

I’ve created a free blog with WordPress, although I’m not sure if the free version will give me everything I need in order to create an elaborate blog like my old one. I haven’t been writing much lately anyway. Stupid Facebook and Twitter tend to satisfy my cravings whenever I feel compelled to share something with the world. However, with my new solar cabin project underway, perhaps my passion for writing and sharing will re-emerge.

So, you just hang in there, little tiger, and perhaps you’ll hear from me more than once per season. By golly, I remember the good ol’ days when I used to illuminate Planet Earth with a brand new blog every day!

In the mean time (in-between time), download my latest book to your Kindle device. Just click HERE.

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